Join us every Sunday at 10am for worship services in the Cascade Hall at the Center at Norpoint (Northeast Tacoma).

Right before the main message, we dismiss the children from the service to our Kids Bible Time, which is held in Classroom 101 at the Center at Norpoint. Parents may pick their children up there after the service.

Parents may sign babies and toddlers into our clean, well-staffed nursery upon arrival. The nursery is in the Center's Kids Club room across the hall way from Classroom 101.

  If I can't see Him, why believe in God?

If men wrote it, why trust the Bible?

If God is good, why do bad things happen?

If I'm doing fine on my own, why follow Jesus?

If there are so many religions, why is Christianity any different?

If I can worship God anywhere, why be part of a church?

These are all great questions! And we think they deserve to be answered. That's why we're taking this six-week message series to ask the question we've all asked at some point: "Why?"

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